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Android Phone as Wireless Access Point

If you go on vacation or somewhere without WiFi, and you want to use the internet on your laptop. You can use your Android phone as wireless access point.
Just go to Setting > Wireless and network > More Settings > Tethering and portable hotspot > Portable Wi-Fi hotspot > Touch the slider to turn on. That will show Portable Wi-Fi hotspot AndroidAp active and you can set password for match with your laptop or other device that want to use internet from Android phone as wireless access point.
You can go to Configure to set about Network SSID, edit password or limit the devices that can connect your Android phone. I test android phone as wireless access point by Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 on 3G network.

Check 3G Usage on iPhone

Most 3G package from service providers have limited total for usage. If you do not check that you used. You may be using too much and will have extra charge.
If you want to check totaling of 3G usage. In your iPhone, just go to Setting > General > Usage > Cellular Usage. In the Cellular Network Data heading may show total sent and received of internet data on your iPhone.
You can reset statistics for check total 3G usage in the next month. However, if you want to make sure that you should also check total of internet data usage with your 3g service provider.

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