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iPhone as a Flashlight

If you want to make your iPhone 4 as a flashlight by do not install any application. You can use the camera and LED flash more than zoom and take a pictures. Make camera flash have a light all the time you want.
 Active the built-in camera app from the screen. Change iPhone 4 camera  to Video mode. Touch the top-left corner of the iPhone4 screen. LED Flash mode will show on the screen and select on.

Flashlight in iOS 7 

You can use built in flashlight app by open the Control Center window. Swipe up from the bottom edge of iPhone screen for open Control Center window. Touch at the flashlight app for open and touch again for close. That will have the light from LED flash beside the camera at the back of your iPhone.

Flashlight Apps

Some apps make flashlight on iPhone have more function such as brightness control, flashing light or SOS and morse code. You can use the app make color light source from the screen.

iPhone 4 Zooming the Camera

If you want to take a pictures from iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs with iOS4. Active the built-in camera app from the screen. Just point your finger on iPhone screen for what thing you want to focus. You will see the Zoom Bar after that. Sliding the Zoom Bar on the bottom of the screen for zooming the pictures.
+ for zoom in
-  for zoom out
That will make you easy for take a great photo from your iPhone.

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