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iPhone SMS Character Count

Normally if you typing word for send Short Message Service (SMS) on iPhone. You will not see the count of the word characters. Nevermind if you don't care about that or just count by yourself.
If you want to enable your iPhone show total of word characters when typing SMS. It counts on realtime. Go to Settings >> Messages >> Character Count and select ON. However the Character Count will show the total of words when you typing the SMS words over 25 characters.

iPhone Text Message Delete

If you want to delete SMS, text message or email message in your iPhone. You unnecessary to find any delete button. It's do not need go to menu option. Just choose on SMS or email that you want to delete. Then touch iPhone screen and sliding your finger to the right on select message. Its will show delete button on that message. Touch the button to delete. You can use this step to delete Facebook comment and Twitter comment in your iPhone too.

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