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Setting Protects Uninstall Apps on iPhone and iPad

We can have basic protect iPhone or iPad by set homescreen passcode lock so if you don't allow any one to use  or change anything on your device. Sometime your iPhone or iPad have to using by other. It will safe for your device if you have app delete or install protect setting.

This is the tip for prevent someone delete or install app on iPhone or iPad. It may happen when kids or your friends borrowed your's device was used temporarily. They didn't plan to delete or did it on purpose. It's does't matter. If some iPhone or iPad are public usage and don't want who install or delete app anymore. You can make that delete or install protect by go to Setting > General > Restriction > Tap to on > Enter 4 digits Restriction Password and verify. Then tap Deleting App switch to off

Fix iPhone or iPad app stuck on Waiting, Loading or Installing

If iPhone or iPad can't download app from Appstore. Normally when you connect wifi for install app it take a time not over 1-2 minute. If your device take a long time from that. So you have to make sure wifi or cellular provider don't have any problem. Your iPhone or iPad have stuck on any process such as Waiting, Loading or Installing

Basic guidelines to solve the problem

- Redownload app from appstore. Just go to Appstore and tab stuck app to stop and download again

- Reset your iPhone or iPad or turn off  and turn on again and go to Appstore and download app again

- Go to Setting > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and then delete stuck app and download again from Appstore

Set Time to Automatic Turn off Youtube Video on iPhone or iPad

If you like to watch Youtube video on your iPhone or iPad. It may takes a long time to watch some clip video and leave it or you have to set autoplay that make video non stop playing. You can set the Youtube sleep timer on your iPhone or iPad without install third-party apps.

Clock is built-in app on iPhone or iPad can set the timer for automatic turn off Youtube and make your iPhone and iPad to sleep mode. Just tab the clock app and go to Timer > When Timer Ends > Stop Playing then choose the time you want to set and tab Start button.

You should use this feature when you fell asleep and keep Youtube video on. That will make iPone or iPad battery is dead. No more wake up at night to turn off iPhone playing Youtube video anymore. This feature can use timer with Music app or, live tv apps or when you play video page on Safari.

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