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Stop Videos from Automatically Playing on Facebook Mobile

Its time to use Facebook app on mobile to check news or your friends activity in news feed. It will have video playing on your facebook timeline. Its better if can choose video to play by myself. I think that will make my mobile loss cellular data or battery life. If you want to turn off auto facebook video playing on your timeline. This way is can use on iOS and Android. You can disable Facebook auto play videos by go to  on Facebook app > Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos > Video Settings > Autoplay 

You can choose facebook videos playing on timeline setting from 3 choices
- On mobile data and Wi-Fi connections
- On Wi-Fi connections only
- Never Autoplay Videos

Set Time to Automatic Turn off Youtube Video on iPhone or iPad

If you like to watch Youtube video on your iPhone or iPad. It may takes a long time to watch some clip video and leave it or you have to set autoplay that make video non stop playing. You can set the Youtube sleep timer on your iPhone or iPad without install third-party apps.

Clock is built-in app on iPhone or iPad can set the timer for automatic turn off Youtube and make your iPhone and iPad to sleep mode. Just tab the clock app and go to Timer > When Timer Ends > Stop Playing then choose the time you want to set and tab Start button.

You should use this feature when you fell asleep and keep Youtube video on. That will make iPone or iPad battery is dead. No more wake up at night to turn off iPhone playing Youtube video anymore. This feature can use timer with Music app or, live tv apps or when you play video page on Safari.

Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone

 If you want to transfer the movies, videos, music video from your computer to your iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch. The first step, you have to install iTunes in PC or Notebook that supported in Mac and Windows. iTunes can use for sync your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with your computer.
 The video for transfer from computer to iPhone required to .Mp4 file. You can find out free video converter program to convert them. And then transfer that files to specific folder in your computer.

 For Window OS that move converted video or movies file to My document > My music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Automatically Add to iTunes.

 For MAC Os move to Finder > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Automatically Add to iTunes.

 Then sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your computer. Launch the iTunes and choose your device at left side bar and then click the movie at top menu bar. Select the list of movies or video that you want to transfer, and press Sync.

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