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Resolve iCloud Not Enough Free Space

Not Enough Storage This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available. You can manage your storage in Settings.

This messages will show on screen when your iCloud no more space for upload any file from iPhone or iPad. Normally You will have free use 5 gigabyte on iClound for back up file such as photo, video, document and iOS restore back up. If you want to manage for iCloud back up on iOS so just go to Settings > iCloud. You can check total available iCloud storage by go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage or go to iCloud Website then log in by your Apple ID.  If you remove data from iCloud Website so its will auto delete from your device too.

iCloud storage will have more space if you delete or transfer some data to PC. Photos and videos are probably used most space. Its time to remove or transfer your photo and video to the other storage. If don't want to delete anything. You can buy more iCloud storage by go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Buy More Storage.

How to clear cache data iPhone and iPad by App Store

When you use iPhone or iPad for a long time so you may feel like your device run very slow. Not enough storage or storage full so this is another one reason why iPhone, iPod touch and iPad run the apps slowly or delay.

You have to check your storage device and delete some of data such as photo, video, app and other data. If you delete all unnecessary data but storage of your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad also full. Maybe data that make your device storage full are cached files.

This is one of the choice to clear you iPhone, iPod touch and iPad cache. Make more space from junk file, old app data or cache data. First you have to check your total storage available on your device by go to Setting > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Then go to Appstore and find out apps, game or movie that have file size bigger than available storage. 

Tap the app and tap the price on the right side of the screen, then tap Buy. To get a free app, tap Get on the right side of the screen, then tap Install. Click Cancel when have password require for your apple ID  or that will have Cannot Download windows show up then press OK. Check your total storage available on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad so you will have more storage available.

Delete Apps and iPhone Data for More Storage

The time when you need to update new iOS version, but you have not enough space in your iPhone. Someone use iphone for save photo, music, video or any data more than space. Its make new iOS update cannot download and install. Most update cannot be installed because it requires at least amount space of storage. You need to back up or delete items in your iPhone for make more space.

What data can you delete from iPhone

Most data that you need to back up or delete such as photo and video in Camera Roll can back up in your PC or any cloud storage such as iCloud or Dropbox. Check apps size and delete unnecessary apps. By the way, song and music video can keep it by iTunes in your PC. Remove website data that you ever visited.

Use cleaner apps for delete temp and system memory

If you used iPhone about work and entertainment daily. Some day you found iPhone work slow than it should be. Reset All Setting mode in iPhone that the way for someone to believe it will clear any temp file for iPhone work faster. It's a good way or not,  It doesn't matter. It's not easy to make frequently used settings daily. The best way that you just go to App Store and find apps for clean temp and system memory. Some apps can use for free, but its work great. Check from rate and review before you download and install.

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