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Start a Secret Conversation on Facebook Chat

If you want to use Messenger App for chat with friend or someone as a secret. No more your history conversation. It cans choose timing to auto delete your words disappear during chat. This is the Secret Conversation feature in Facebook Messenger App.

Secret Conversation feature will have been enabling by go to Messenger app, at menu tab just go to Me > Secret Conversations > slide button to on, and then You have to open Secret Chat room by touch who you want to open default chat room and then touch at the name on the top. Select Secret Conversation for open secret chat room. This mode will have if that person also use Messenger.
In the Secret Chat room will have clock sign on the display typing word box. Touch it to select timing for make your word auto delete. Only word who setting timing from device that will delete after time end but not include the conversation of people to talk with. Your word will be a secret, just remove chat room so if want to delete all chat. Don't worry about call history because in secret conversation mode can't use voice call and video call.

Easy Switching and Sign out from Messenger Account

Normally when you want to use Facebook Chat on mobile with friends or someone, so you have to use Messenger app. Messenger App wills auto log in same account with Facebook app. If you have Facebook more than one  account and you want to chat by Messenger with all account. It wills difficult for always fill username and password.
Messenger or Facebook live chat on Mobile have feature for multiple accounts. You don't have to change user on Facebook App. Just setting on Messenger for add more account. If you want to use which user so just switching. That means you sign out from previous Messenger account. In Messenger app, at menu tab just go to Me > Switch Account > Add (Plus sign on top far right).
The first time when you add new account on Messenger Switch Account so you have to fill username and password and then choose require password or not for the next time usage. If want to change for require password or not again. You can do by tab and slide left > Remove > Add Account > Log in again. Don't worry about Messenger history chat, it's still the same.

How to Delete Call History from Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger App use on smartphone for message chat, free voice call and video call with your Facebook friends. Normally history usage will show by recent. If you want to delete recent chat so select who want to delete one by one. Then swipe to the left and choose to delete conversation.

That is the way to delete  text conversations. If you have called  history on Facebook messenger so it's still remain. Just touch the phone icon at the top right of the recent tab. You will see the Facebook messenger called history. That will show the call total, timing and date. If you want to delete just swipe to the left and choose to delete button.

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