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Easy Switching and Sign out from Messenger Account

Normally when you want to use Facebook Chat on mobile with friends or someone, so you have to use Messenger app. Messenger App wills auto log in same account with Facebook app. If you have Facebook more than one  account and you want to chat by Messenger with all account. It wills difficult for always fill username and password.
Messenger or Facebook live chat on Mobile have feature for multiple accounts. You don't have to change user on Facebook App. Just setting on Messenger for add more account. If you want to use which user so just switching. That means you sign out from previous Messenger account. In Messenger app, at menu tab just go to Me > Switch Account > Add (Plus sign on top far right).
The first time when you add new account on Messenger Switch Account so you have to fill username and password and then choose require password or not for the next time usage. If want to change for require password or not again. You can do by tab and slide left > Remove > Add Account > Log in again. Don't worry about Messenger history chat, it's still the same.

Android Phone as Wireless Access Point

If you go on vacation or somewhere without WiFi, and you want to use the internet on your laptop. You can use your Android phone as wireless access point.
Just go to Setting > Wireless and network > More Settings > Tethering and portable hotspot > Portable Wi-Fi hotspot > Touch the slider to turn on. That will show Portable Wi-Fi hotspot AndroidAp active and you can set password for match with your laptop or other device that want to use internet from Android phone as wireless access point.
You can go to Configure to set about Network SSID, edit password or limit the devices that can connect your Android phone. I test android phone as wireless access point by Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 on 3G network.

Create New Facebook Album from Android Phone

If you want to create Facebook photo album from Android mobile. That you found Facebook on Android phone cannot do this. You can create new Facebook photo albums by Opera Mobile. Just download Opera Mobile that is one of free internet browser app.
 Then on the menu tab, just go to Setting > Advance > UserAgent > select "Desktop". Let use the Opera Mobile app login your Facebook account. This will be like you login from computer. You can manage your Facebook account as you make from PC and create new Facebook photo album from Android phone.

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