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Turn off iPhone Without Power Button

If you have broken with home button of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Normally, you will turn off the device by home button so you can't make it. However, you can turn off device without home button. Just have iPhone home button on screen or open Assistive Touch mode. Press at Assistive Touch button on the screen > Devices > Hold the Lock Screen button > Slide to power off. If you want to turn on your iPhone, iPad or iPod again. Just use Power Adapter charge to your device.

Make iPhone Remember Username and Passwords on Safari

If you want to make Safari on iPhone remember your password when you log on any website. That will make you easy to use internet because some internet provider must to fill username and password on website page any time to use. Some website must login every time to visit. That will make you easy to use Safari on iPhone because not need to type at all time.  Just go to Setting > Password & AutoFill > Turn Names and Passwords Button to on. Your iPhone will bring you to set Passcode Lock Mode in case of have not done. You have to set the pass code for lock you iPhone.

Safari browser on your iPhone will automatic fill username and password when you visit the selected website. If you want to change it. Just fill new username and password. iPhone will ask for changes. If want to delete username and password that you saved. Just go to Setting > Password & AutoFill > Saved Passwords.

Iphone Notification Center Sort

Notification Center have all of apps alert that you selected in one window. Just check by use you finger slide from the top of iPhone screen in every status. If notifications center in your iPhone not sort that you want to be. You can manage it by sort or remove apps notifications display. Just go to Setting > Notifications. Select the apps that you want to close notifications.
Choose "By time" if you want to have notifications window arrange by timeline. Choose "By Manually" if you want to have notifications center arrange by yourself.
Just press edit button at top of left corner of the iPhone screen and then press the button on the apps that you want to move.

Decline Call Button on iPhone

If your iPhone have incoming call and you want to reject it. You can decline a call by press buttons then sent to voicemail. iPhone have more than one way to do it.

Reject incoming call from screen. 

Just press decline button on screen when iPhone have called in. In iOS7 will have calling reject button only iPhone on the home screen status.

Press the sleep/wake button 

Press the button twice for decline incoming call also. If you press one time that for mute the ringtone. You can use this method on the all of iPhone screen status.

On using iPhone headset

 you can decline call in by press and hold the mic button of the headset for about 2 seconds, the call will reject when you button leave. You can use this method on the all of iPhone screen status.

iPhone Calculator Trick to Delete Number

Calculator is needed in sometime to find answer about numeral. It wills not see Delete button on the iPhone screen. If you type much digit on iPhone calculator for numeral estimate. The time when you working, shopping or anything on rush hour. You may press the wrong digit is just one of many.
You will see only C button for clear all of them. iPhone have a tip for delete digit on calculator app. Just sliding your finger to the right or left on digit screen. Its can delete the digit on iPhone calculator app one by one.

iPhone as a Flashlight

If you want to make your iPhone 4 as a flashlight by do not install any application. You can use the camera and LED flash more than zoom and take a pictures. Make camera flash have a light all the time you want.
 Active the built-in camera app from the screen. Change iPhone 4 camera  to Video mode. Touch the top-left corner of the iPhone4 screen. LED Flash mode will show on the screen and select on.

Flashlight in iOS 7 

You can use built in flashlight app by open the Control Center window. Swipe up from the bottom edge of iPhone screen for open Control Center window. Touch at the flashlight app for open and touch again for close. That will have the light from LED flash beside the camera at the back of your iPhone.

Flashlight Apps

Some apps make flashlight on iPhone have more function such as brightness control, flashing light or SOS and morse code. You can use the app make color light source from the screen.

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