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Remove Emoji Keyboard or Get it Back on iPhone and iPad

I don't know other people how do often time to use emoji on iOS keyboard. I never use emoji sent to any one. Most chat apps have various stickers that so cute and so many emotions exhibit. If you have to switch between both, or more language. Maybe default emoji on iOS keyboard is surplus and want to remove it.

Emoji is one of the language in iOS. Maybe its popular for worldwide, but you want to remove from your keybord. Just go to Setting > General > Keyboards > Edit > touch delete sign and remove the EMOJI keyboard. Someday you want to get Emoji keyboard back. Just go to Setting > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard... > Choose Emoji Keyboard.

Connect Bluetooth Keyboard to iPhone

If you want to type many messages in iPhone or iPad. Just connect apple wireless keyboard or any bluetooth keyboard to them because its will slowly if you touch one by one word on iPhone keyboard. Apple wireless keyboard can work far from device about 30 ft.

How to connect Apple Wireless Keyboard with iPhone or iPad

- Open bluetooth on iPhone by go to Setting > General > Bluetooth > On
- Press apple wireless keyboard button until have been green light.
- Wait a minute until Apple Wireless Keyboard sync with iPhone or iPad.
- Typing four digit that will show on iPhone or iPad screen by apple wireless keyboard and press Enter button.

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