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Resolve iCloud Not Enough Free Space

Not Enough Storage This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available. You can manage your storage in Settings.

This messages will show on screen when your iCloud no more space for upload any file from iPhone or iPad. Normally You will have free use 5 gigabyte on iClound for back up file such as photo, video, document and iOS restore back up. If you want to manage for iCloud back up on iOS so just go to Settings > iCloud. You can check total available iCloud storage by go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage or go to iCloud Website then log in by your Apple ID.  If you remove data from iCloud Website so its will auto delete from your device too.

iCloud storage will have more space if you delete or transfer some data to PC. Photos and videos are probably used most space. Its time to remove or transfer your photo and video to the other storage. If don't want to delete anything. You can buy more iCloud storage by go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Buy More Storage.

Remove Emoji Keyboard or Get it Back on iPhone and iPad

I don't know other people how do often time to use emoji on iOS keyboard. I never use emoji sent to any one. Most chat apps have various stickers that so cute and so many emotions exhibit. If you have to switch between both, or more language. Maybe default emoji on iOS keyboard is surplus and want to remove it.

Emoji is one of the language in iOS. Maybe its popular for worldwide, but you want to remove from your keybord. Just go to Setting > General > Keyboards > Edit > touch delete sign and remove the EMOJI keyboard. Someday you want to get Emoji keyboard back. Just go to Setting > General > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard... > Choose Emoji Keyboard.

Make iPhone Remember Username and Passwords on Safari

If you want to make Safari on iPhone remember your password when you log on any website. That will make you easy to use internet because some internet provider must to fill username and password on website page any time to use. Some website must login every time to visit. That will make you easy to use Safari on iPhone because not need to type at all time.  Just go to Setting > Password & AutoFill > Turn Names and Passwords Button to on. Your iPhone will bring you to set Passcode Lock Mode in case of have not done. You have to set the pass code for lock you iPhone.

Safari browser on your iPhone will automatic fill username and password when you visit the selected website. If you want to change it. Just fill new username and password. iPhone will ask for changes. If want to delete username and password that you saved. Just go to Setting > Password & AutoFill > Saved Passwords.

iPhone Reset Factory Settings

If your iPhone settings is make problem. Your iPhone settings can reset all settings or some settings. Just go to Setting > General > Reset

You will see "Reset All Settings" that you can change your iPhone to all factory settings.  

Choose for "Erase All Content and Settings" that want to delete content data and reset your all settings.

"Reset Network Setting" will delete any stored Wi-Fi passwords as well as DNS settings and more.

"Reset Keyboard Dictionary" for you've been typing on your iPhone for a long time, odds are that you've made some mistakes in your typing, and the iPhone spell checking software has corrected them.

"Reset Home Screen Layout" will have arranged your iPhone icons and wanted to easily bring them back to their first boot placement.

"Reset Location Warning" for who want to be able to see that location warning again, here is how you can reset your location warnings.

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